How Our Pricing Works:

Our pricing model is quite simple and set up with the customers best interest in mind. We approach our pricing the same way we approach our customer service; your happiness is the key to success. You won't find a one size fits all list of pricing because we base our prices off of variables that change at any given time. This allows us to pass the savings on to you each and every time.

You'll see a list to the right of all the information that we will need to give you accurate pricing for your next night out on the town with you and your friends and family. You'll get a quote in seconds if you have this information available for us to provide you the accurate quote you are seeking! If you aren't happy with the quote that information produces, don't worry, as there are more options than meets the eye, if you are able to be a bit flexible with your booking. You can also split the cost between passengers for an easy per person rate, or avoid our most busy times to get a lower cost that is easy to deal with! Our high demand areas include weekends, holidays, as well as early spring until late summer when most proms and weddings take place.

You can rest easy knowing your quote includes absolutely everything, down to the last drop of fuel! There's a reason why our clients and their guests keep coming back to use our services time and time again, and that's because you won't be able to find any better prices in relation to the quality of vehicles and all around service you find when working with our team at Limo Pittsburgh. When you're ready to book your limousine or limo bus or get a quote, it only takes a simple phone call! We're waiting to hear from you!

Our friendly and helpful booking team is standing by 24/7 to help assist you with all your limousine and party bus needs. We are more than happy to provide you with a no strings attached completely free quote. Just remember that isn't a reservation, we can't hold a vehicle before a reservation is made.

Please let us know the following information:

For a fast and accurate quote!

  • Where we'll be picking you up
  • Where you want us to take you
  • Amount of passengers total
  • Date & time you need service
  • Type of your event or occasion