Pittsburgh Party Venues

Hosting your next party in a venue can be a great idea. There’s no cleanup duty, you don’t have to worry too much about keeping your guests entertained, and a venue takes a lot of stress of your shoulders. But before you book a venue, there are a few things to consider beforehand.

Pay Attention to Space

Before you begin focusing on things like the ambiance and the amenities, your first step is going to be finding a venue that can fit all your guests. As you call around, get various opinions on how well your guests will fit into their venue. While most venues are quick to let you know that your guests will be crowded, other venues may let this slide. In the preliminary stages (before you actually begin booking) make sure you under-quote the number of guests you’ll have. If you honestly had 40 guests in mind, see how the venue reacts to a guest list of 30. If the say 30 people might be too many for their venue, you’ll know right off the bat that your guest list of 40 won’t be comfortable.

You also want to factor in how much your guests will move around. If you’re planning on a dance floor, an open bar and maybe even some games, you’ll once again want to under-quote your guest list. If the venue can hold 40 people comfortably, 30 people should be able to move about the venue freely. Don’t focus too much on the seating options for a party like this. You’ll want to make sure that the dance floor is large enough and that there’s plenty of passage room between the dance floor, the bar and the tables. But if you’re more focused on the meal of your event, you’ll want to makes sure the seating is comfortable and spacious. If you are only counting on a few people dancing and moving about, go for a venue with a smaller dance floor and more comfortable seating.

Pay Attention to the Ambiance

Also make sure that the ambiance is appropriate for your event. Parties like graduation parties and family reunions work great in simpler venues. All you’ll need for this is a great music system and catering. But on the other hand, if you’re throwing a wedding reception, an anniversary party or a bachelor/bachelorette party, you’ll want to pair the venue with the event. If you’re throwing a traditional wedding, you’ll want the venue to be bright and have a beautiful interior design. But if you’re planning a more intimate wedding, go with a cozy venue.

Are You Comfortable with Providing Some Things on Your Own?

If you found the perfect venue for your event but they don’t offer certain key amenities, you can still end up saving money by going with them. How? Bring in your own equipment! From music systems, party equipment and even food and drinks, a positive DIY attitude can work wonders. Typically if a venue doesn’t have a full bar or doesn’t cater food, you’ll see a noticeable price difference. By balancing your budget between various venues and the various things you can accomplish yourself, there’s no need to compromise on your seating and ambiance requirements. And you may save huge just by catering the event yourself.