Pittsburgh Magicians

While a magician may seem like a great idea for a formal event, finding the best magician will take a little work. Depending on your event, your guests and your venue, there’s a lot of things to consider.

Finding the Best Magician for Your Event

Your very first step is going to be coming up with an idea of the type of magician you want. Is the magic going to be the main focus of your party? In this case, you’ll want a magician who has years of experience under his belt and who is serious about his magic. While you may have to do some serious research to find the most skilled Pittsburgh magicians, this is your only option if you want a magician who will leave your guests truly awestruck.

But on the other hand, if you had a great performance in mind more than some great illusions, you’ll want to look for comedy magicians. Most clowns know rudimentary magic, and this should be more than enough to keep young children entertained. You may even be able to find a magician who can dress up in a clown suit and perform simple illusions. If you’re hiring a magician for a children’s party, there’s no need to hunt down the most professional magician when pulling a rabbit out of a hat is enough to keep the children in awe.

Finding the Best Event for Your Magician

The event also plays a crucial role in your decision. If you’re going for a theater-like performance, you’ll want to find a place with a stage. Throwing a party with a staged magic performance is a great idea. Make sure the venue is large enough to keep everybody comfortable, and if adults will be present, you will almost certainly want to offer drinks. For these kinds of venues, a highly skilled magician is your best option. While you can count on simple magic tricks keeping children entertained, you’ll need more than that for the adults.

But if the magician is secondary to your event, especially if you had the event planned out before the magician came to mind, you’ll want to go with a strolling magician. A magician who can mingle with your guests and pull off tricks on the fly is a great idea when you think it’d be hard to get everybody focused on a stage. If you can’t find a venue with a stage, a strolling magician may be your only option. Be on the lookout for casual magicians who rely more on the tricks than the appearance. Give your guests a notice that a magician will be present, and your guests will be delighted once he makes it over to them.

Finding a Magician at the Best Price

Magician pricing can be difficult. Some unprofessional magicians may be unfamiliar with the market price for magician acts, so be on the lookout for this. Make sure you call a few companies both in town and out of town to get a good idea on a fair price. However, make sure you book in advance. Pittsburgh magicians can have quite busy schedules, so prepare for this and make sure you book ahead.