Pittsburgh Face Painters

There’s a lot you can do with some of the excellent Pittsburgh face painters you can find. From spooky Halloween parties to backyard fairs and amusement parks, there’s a face painter out there who can help you create the perfect event. You can even create a spectacular face painting party for the adults as well. While it shouldn’t be too hard finding a casual face painter, if you’re looking for a truly professional face painter, there are a few key issues to focus on. First off you need to…

Focus on the Artwork

When you begin looking around for Pittsburgh face painters, the first thing you’ll want to focus on is the artwork offered by the face painters. From amazing realistic check paintings to entire face paintings, you’ll want to have a good idea on what you expect out of the actual face painting. While you’ll have no problem finding a Pittsburgh face painter that can create some simple face paintings like animals or team logos on cheeks, you can go much further with this idea. Companies that specialize in airbrush paintings are your best bet for entire face paintings, while if you had something a bit more casual in mind, look for companies that use high-quality materials. As you browse companies, pay close attention to their sample portfolios. Usually you’ll be able to notice one speciality over another. If you see clean, bold colors and well defined lines, you may have found yourself a great cheek painter. But if you see any hint of special effects expertise, like theater or even movie effects, that company will be great with full face paintings.

Focus on Your Event

It’s always a good idea to have your event thoroughly planned before you begin looking. To make sure the face painting is a hit, come up with a theme. Ideas like Halloween parties and masquerades work really well with adults, while themes like animals and movie characters tend to work best with children. If you’re throwing a carnival party, this should suffice for a theme. A few rides, maybe a traveling petting zoo or some carnival food can really set the tone. Also, if you’re going with this route, there’s no need to dig around for the best company since the partygoers will request various face paintings. But if you are going with something like a Halloween party, make sure the face painters are suited towards your event.

Focus on the Booking and Pricing

And for the final step, you need to consider pricing. For some highly professional face painters, you should be ready to pay a little extra. But if the face painting is going to be the main attraction, you should be able to make room for this in your budget. But if you’re looking for a face painter to complement your party rather than make it, you’ll want to make sure you save some room in your budget for things like food, music and other forms of entertainment. As you begin to target one company, weigh in all the considerations above to make sure the face painter is a perfect match for your event.