Pittsburgh Clowns

A clown show is a risky endeavor for a party. If you’re throwing a party for adults, you’ll need a very precise understanding of what the clown company offers and how well it will go over with your guests. With the various professional clowns in Pittsburgh, this can be hard choice to make, so here a few things to consider.

Clowns for Children

While it’s much more difficult finding the best Pittsburgh clown for an adult party, there are still a few things to consider when you want the best clown for a child’s party. First off, pay close attention to the age of the children. A clown performance is a great way to capture the attention of younger children, but all it takes is a few outbursts from an unruly, uninterested child to ruin the event. So if the average age of the children in attendance is teetering closer to eight or nine, you’ll want to make sure the clown knows how to keep their interest as well. Figure out what the children will enjoy and ask the right questions. Questions like “Can you keep the attention of a dozen 8-year-olds?”, “Have you had any problems with older children in the past?” and “What do you offer outside of the performance?” are all great for ascertaining how well the clown will work for this event.

Clowns for Adult Events

Hiring a clown for an adult event may sound like certain disaster to some, but with the right mindset and some stellar preparation, you can throw an amazing party. While you wouldn’t want to hire a clown for grandma’s birthday party of your son’s college graduation party, there are a few events that work great with clowns. For a business event, booking a quick clown show can be great for a little break in the action. This works really well at larger venues with a stage. While the planner in chief may catch a few glances for actually booking a clown, that’s part of the fun. If it’s a short gig, don’t focus too much on the act, but just the idea of a brief clown show is sure to be a hit.

Another idea is bachelor/bachelorette parties. Hiring a clown that specializes in adult events is a guaranteed success for a bachelorette party. If you’re going to have dancing entertainment, the company shouldn’t have any problems finding an attractive clown get-up for their dancer. You can even go a little further with this. Ideas like risqué ballon twisters and raunchy jokes and performances can work wonders if you think your guests have the humor for it.

Backyard Circus Party

And for the last idea, throwing a mini-circus party in your backyard is the perfect environment for a clown. As you look around for Pittsburgh clowns, try to find a company that specializes in throwing parties just as much as they do providing clowns. Ideas like inflatable amusement parks work great with this. With some of the companies out there, you can rent a clown, an inflatable merry-go-round, ballon twisters and face painters in one fell swoop. While this may be more expensive than simply hiring a clown for a children’s party, this offers the adults some of fun as well. And with the right initiative and a go-getter attitude, the parents can play an active role in the event too.