Pittsburgh Children's Photographers

Although some parents may think otherwise, it takes much more than your child’s adorable smile to make a memorable photo album. With all the great Pittsburgh children’s photographers, there are a lot of choices out there. Conversely, there exist a lot of specialties, so it will take some time deciding on the best photographer in the area. To help make the decision-making process a little easier on you, below is an overview of the three main considerations: the photographer, the photoshoot and the after-effects.

The Photographer

One of the first factors to consider when looking for the best children’s photographers in Pittsburgh is the photographers themselves. When photographing children, you absolutely need somebody who works great with kids. However, depending on the child’s age, you’ll want to look for different skills. If it’s an infant photographer, there’s no need to break the bank by choosing one of the most well known photography companies in the area. Infant pictures are relativity easy to capture, and any professional photographer with experience can capture a beautiful picture of your baby. Another reason you don’t need an expensive company is that you yourself can dictate things like outfits, backgrounds and filters, so just make sure the company has the right tools for what you had in mind. With a little direction, you can lead an infant photo shoot to perfection.

On the other hand, you’ll need somebody who has a lot of experience working with children if your children are a bit older. While you need to see a lot of experience before anything else, you also want to try your best to feel out the photographer and see how they would work with your children. Sure, everybody can more or less control their own kids, but once the photo shoot starts, it’s the photographer who the children will be taking instructions from. So maybe even schedule a meeting beforehand with your children and see if there’s a connection between them.

The Photoshoot

This aspect is especially important for older children and even young adults. You want a photographer who is great at directing a photo shoot. Look for a photographer that gets excited over your or your children’s ideas. When it comes to older kids, you want to be sure that they actually enjoy the photoshoot. In the end, this is how you get truly beautiful photos. Nothing makes for a great photo that honest excitement and emotion.

The Touchups

The touchups are far form the most important factor when choosing a photographer, but they’re still important nonetheless. If you’re going for trendy photos that look great — as opposed to simple photos to remember your children’s youth — you need somebody who is great with photo editing. Pay attention to the agency’s portfolio, and if you see something you like, ask if that idea could work with your photos too. Also, a great touchup artist is important for the teenager age group (we all have had our brushes with acne), and they can be crucial when it comes to uneven infant complexion.