Pittsburgh Balloon Twisters

While balloon twisting seems like a pretty rigid form of entertainment, there are a lot of things you can do with a great balloon twister. A clown performance, a themed party with a balloon twister and even some some options for the adults are all possible. But hiring the wrong balloon twister for your party can be a huge waste of money, so as you begin looking around for Pittsburg balloon twisters, you’ll want to focus on two main ideas: the balloon twister’s act and the event you are planning.

The Act

One of the first steps when planning a balloon twister party is deciding on the performance itself. Whether it’s a sit-down presentation or a balloon stand, this decision plays a significant role in the rest of the choices you’ll make. If you’re going for a more classic balloon twister, you’ll want to look around for Pittsburgh balloon twisters that specialize in putting on a good show. Maybe a few jokes, a puppet show with the balloons or even a clown could work great with your party. When you want the balloon twisting to be the main attraction, you will need a company that has a theater-like mindset.

But on the other hand, if the balloon twisting is secondary to the party, you should instead focus on a balloon twister that could set up a stand where children (or adults) can frequent for their pieces. For this, come up with a party theme. For the boys, there’s nothing more fun that a balloon battle, and with some of the great balloon twisters in Pittsburgh, you can go far with this idea. You could go with an army theme with the balloon twister making guns and army helmets or a medieval theme with the balloon twister making all sorts of swords, shields, and some balloon twisters can even make functional bow and arrows.

The Party

No matter if the balloon twister is the main act or if the balloon twisting will take a back seat, you still want to plan in accordance with your event. If your event is a young child’s birthday party, a little bit of silliness will work wonders. Children will love a sit-down performance, and this works great for when the adults have some cleaning up to do or need to carry out other tasks for the party. For children around the age of five, a clown balloon twister is your best bet. But if the children are a little older, you’ll have to come up with a bit more to keep them entertained. Things like functional balloon pieces, giant balloon art and a balloon stand work best for older kids.

The Booking

Once you have a good understanding about your party and the balloon twister that fits best with it, it’s time to begin booking. As you call around various Pittsburgh balloon companies, be attentive to the past shows they’ve put on. If it’s for a children’s party, you want to see stunning testimonies and some pictures that show the children having honest fun. For parties with older children (or even adults), make sure you prepare some pertinent questions beforehand.