Some Frequently Asked Questions:
Can we smoke on your vehicles?

We do not allow for smoking, but we will pull over to facilitate a smoke break, bathroom break or more whenever you may need it! Just let your driver know and they will pull over for you as soon as they are able to do so safely.

What about drinking?

You're certainly allowed to drink, so long as you provide your own alcoholic beverages, on the vehicle as long as everybody on board is over the age of 21. Your chauffeur can also stop at a store assuming there is room to park.

Can we pick up my friend?

Of course! Your rental comes with unlimited stops, so really if you wanted to you could pick everyone up individually, but that would eat up a lot of your paid time, but we have no problem doing it. But meet-ups are usually what people do.

What time do you provide service up to?

Luckily for you, we provide service 24 hours a day. Aside from day time events, most people tend want pick up between 7-9pm, but if you want a 2am pickup for some reason we will be happy to do so. Whatever time you need us we'll be there.

How do I know you will show up?

We pride ourselves on not only showing up but always showing up on time for all trips. We have a network of affiliates in case of emergency situations, vehicles are vehicles after all, but we have expert mechanics who always keep the vehicles running smooth by keeping a close eye on them after every run and always doing preventive maintenance to greatly reduce having an issue during a run, plus it's less costly than a breakdown. This attention to detail really sets us apart.

Can I bring my own drinks?

Yes you're free to bring drinks both soft and hard, did it just occur to you why they are called soft drinks?. We also abide by all local laws and regulations so if anyone is going to drinking alcohol everyone on board must be of legal drinking age.

How soon should I book?

We operate on a first come first served basis. We recommend booking as soon as possible. Especially if you booking is for a big concert, sporting event or any other occasions that many people will be booking for. As well as Spring and Fall wedding seasons and prom season. We generally recommend making a reservation as soon as you have your event or occasion plans locked down. Remember a free quote is not booking, we can't hold a vehicle for you until you reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not allow anyone to cancel once a reservation has been agreed upon. Because when a reservation is placed we have to hold the vehicle and turn away other clients who wanted the vehicle during the time you have reserved it for which is why you are responsible for holding up your end of the booking agreement just as we do.